Wednesday, April 2, 2014


KING AND I Close to a month ago
When I still hardly knew you..
Your first song over Red Horse
 "GOLD", your voice was indestructible full of force
I know Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet
Without any doubt or cloak of mystery
Would agree you made it sound like new ---
A new song to remember when..
The song remembers when...

"Gold, always believe in your soul
You've got the power to know you're indestructible"

Everything happened so fast...
I thought that night when I first met you was our last...
Actually, it wasn't our first meet but our first personal encounter
And one thing led to another...

Secret Lovers begged a question "How could something so wrong be so right?"
But "hey there's a look in your eyes, must be love at first sight?"
I guess we were ON TOP OF THE WORLD needing to belong, sing a song
Needing to be in love, or was it just an ordinary song?
But what happened was before we let ourselves go
We left some marks, wonderful memory somewhere only we know...

Oh yeah, someone left a cake out in the rain
Yes, I guess we can all blame it on the rain
When you left me on that boulevard
With only one hand, you hit the spot with your last card
When there's no more rhyme
Was 25 minutes too late

Remember when you sang "I can wait forever if you say you'll be there too"
And I replied "Everything I do, I do it for you"
How can an angel break my heart?
When spring has sprung for the KING and queen of hearts...

Must I trust the lines in a song 'LOVE ME FOR WHAT I AM"
"We fell in love on the first night that we've met?
...But if you're only using me to feed your fantasy
You're really not in love so let me go, i must be free."

But before I let you go...
I want to say I LOVE YOU...
Truly, madly, deeply
Closer You and I
There's nothing left to try... But GOODBYE
KING and I..
Cuts like a KNIFE
Oh, what a night 'di ako makatulog, what a LIFE~~~

Kay tamis ng una mong halik...

My KING's SPEECH on SILK ROADS March 30 - April 2, 2014

After being bombarded with so many things, sometimes the kind that would put you right on the spot, in the first three weeks of March 2014, I hastily held a Saturday -weekend- barbecue gathering with very select few trustworthy friends in the house. Little did my friends know that it was not only  barbecue on the grill that was cooking up but the bonding also heated up some surprises for them. I revealed to them that I was going the next day - Sunday, March 30, 2014 - on a tour of   Phuket in the Kingdom of Thailand, Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia and a business lunch meet in Vientiane, Laos. Not only that, they were taken aback when I told them that it was not _________  coming with me but ________.

That whet more the appetite of my friends to drink and tried so hard to squeeze me more for juicy details, but...

It's better some things are left unsaid, so they say... 

(My Kiwi friend Bryce Wastney sent me this song... Many thanks Bryce)

The X6 rolled very early for Bacolod Silay International Airport. I knew the night before that I'd  still be reeling from lack of sleep - the last few weeks were very testy for sleeping and staying up late at night - I let my cousin drove me to the airport so he could take X6 home. I didn't want X6 to be soaked in dust or rain, scorched by the pounding heat of the summer sun, or get wasted by the moonshine or feel the coldness of the night -in both literal and figurative form of speech. (Smiles)

Leaving just as the sun was rising gave a sort of inexplicable feelings. If ever some things could be defined so eloquently or at least said well, I guess it was more of being unhappy to leave without seeing that special person in my life, just to say the word goodbye, Another thing was probably the excitement and anxiety of getting to the destination as quickly as possible wondering how the journey will unfold...

Manila was in an abject rash of predicament of things in the sun as the plane taxi-ed off Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The smog, the clutter, the news on economic gains, corruptions, and all sorts of stuff gave less importance to the all hyped slogan "It's More Fun In The Philippines" --- not that the country is really in bad shape, actually the economic fundamentals are strong and politics are gaining grounds on the perspective of democratic ideals --- but there are still a lot of hard work to do here. As an economist, I can understand the pains and aspirations of a newly industrializing economy, it is more based on a solid economic foundations and the rest of what revolves around it must have a steady momentum upwards to support growth. Which compared to an individual moving inward, outward, upward on an economic scale would be subject to belong to a micro economic existence heading to become a member of a productive macro economic field. But let's leave that to experts, okay.What I'm saying here is NAIA is an old airport and there are no more rooms for further growth. They have to find a huge lot outside of Manila which can be home to an international airport that can host at least fifty million or more travelers a year. That's not impossible. An archipelago of 7,107 islands with a population of over 100million, it is more likely that future travels could see a rise of so many tourists - both domestic and foregin - flocking like seagulls here and there. When the income goes up, the appetite for travel and recreation go up too. 

The Royal Thai Airways was like a dragonfly in the sky flapping her wings as smooth as silk. It gave us a very kingly, panoramic view of Bangkok as the plane touched down

Don Mueang International Airport

and get reconnected in 

Changi Airport

for Phuket, Thailand...

Angkor Wat...

and Vientiane, Laos.

More on this in the coming days...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014


Scorching SUMMER is finally here. 

When all is said and done, it is not about how you squandered your time, but how you enjoyed it to the fullest. What is expedient to some may not be that easy for others. So breathe, life is a celebration everyday, live it as if it were your last.


Some thoughts about COMING and GOING...

Time flies when you're having fun.

Money changes everything.

Nobody is a monopoly of knowledge.

No one is lucky all the time. And nobody loses all the time either.

We have all the time in the world.


I drove all night.

Only a heart knows what it means to love.

A discussion is an exchange of ideas. An argument is an exchange of ignorance.

Your Love is KING